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1 comments | Thursday, February 15, 2007

According to her official website, the name and release date of Bjork's new album is to be announced "very soon", along with a handful of live dates.

With all the recent speculation of the album title, I'm still wondering if it will be anything we've heard yet. Some of the contender so far include, "Totempole" (ummm, what?) and "Volta".
My bet is on Volta, is definitely sounds like a Bjork album.

I'm still a bit unsure of her collaborators for this project, (Timbaland and Antony on the same album?! Instanity!) But I trust Bjork and everything she's done in the past (especially Medulla.)

Btw, here's all her live dates for 2007 so far:

■ 07.07.25 - Paleo Festival, Switzerland
■ 07.07.05 - Roskilde , DK
■ 07.07.01 - Open'er, PL
■ 07.06.28 - Rock Werchter , Belgium
■ 07.06.22 - Glastonbury, UK
■ 07.04.27 - Coachella, USA

[source: bjork.com]


Blogger Jobe said...

Thanks for the update on Bjork!

Looking forward to it

Jobe Roberts from SensoryMetrics.com

February 17, 2007 at 12:58 AM


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