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1 comments | Friday, March 2, 2007

It official and confirmed! Bjork will release her 6th proper studio album on May 7th, and it will be called... Volta.

The album will have a total of 10 songs and among other collaborators will include Timbaland, Antony, Toumani Diabate, Chris Corsano, and Konono N°1. The album is produced and written entirely by Bjork herself.

Also check out Pitchfork on Monday to read an exclusive interview with Bjork.

Bjork's current live dates:

■ 07.07.25 - Paleo Festival, Switzerland
■ 07.07.05 - Roskilde , DK
■ 07.07.01 - Open'er, PL
■ 07.06.28 - Rock Werchter , Belgium
■ 07.06.22 - Glastonbury, UK
■ 07.05.26 - Sasquatch Festival, USA
■ 07.04.27 - Coachella, USA

[source: bjork.com]


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