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0 comments | Friday, February 16, 2007

A nice cold bottle of Arizona Tea, a frozen dinner, and the new Peter Bjorn and John album = perfection!!!
So I worked all night and and I have to work from 8 to 8 tomorrow, why did I agree to work weekends again?. This means I'll have zero time to myself all weekend and have no time to get anything productive done. Fantastic.

Anyway, back to my Friday evening, which I am enjoying as I write this.
The tea was great, the dinner was mediocre at best (chicken alfredo, mmm), but the music was superb. I hadn't gotten a chance to listen all the way through until now!

So the album definitely deserves all it's hype and attention. It puts all other indie releases this year to shame (expect maybe a handful). I think this release will forever more be this band's masterpiece, but hopefully I'm wrong and the next will be even better.
My favorite song here is "Young Folks", its one of the most thought-out songs I've heard in quite a while, and puts them right in the center of the mainstream and the indie-stream. Before you worry. the whole album doesn't follow that course, just bits and pieces.

[Peter Bjorn and John: official site]



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